Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for ... Vlogs

Vlogging (or video blogging) is something I've got into recently. Well, not me personally - I'm far too boring. In choosing vlogging as my topic today I'm really just being selfish. I will be sharing some of my favourite vloggers in the hope that some of you may return the gesture. Cunning hey?

So let's get going ...

Charlie McDonnell: English guy who vlogs about daily life, science and all kinds of things. Sometimes invites people to suggest challenges for his 'Challenge Charlie' videos. Has almost 1.5 million subscribers.

Alex Day: Lives with Charlie. Quite sarcastic. Think he started by reading (and taking the piss out of) Twilight. Sometimes makes music.

The Vlog Brothers: Thirty-something year old American brothers (John and Hank) who share a YouTube channel. Started vlogging a few years ago when they challenged themselves to begin 'textless communication' between each other for a whole year.

Crash Course: Probably not strictly counted as vlogging, but it's run by the vlog brothers, so I'm including it here. John and Hank teach the world about history (John) and biology (Hank). Really enjoyable to watch because they're both so obviously interested in what they're teaching.

Rhett and Link: Only recently subscribed to these guys, so I haven't seen a lot of their videos. From what I've gathered so far, they've been friends since high school and now make vlogs together. They talk about things in the news which interest them. They also have a spinning wheel which decides how they'll end each video.

Ok, your turn. Any vloggers I've missed out which I should take a look at?


  1. That's cool. I wondered what people vlog about and how they are different from blogs. I don't know any good vloggers, but there is a great podcast for writers called Writing Excuses. It's hilarious and informative.

  2. I think the key to a successful vlog is to keep the videos short. We have very short attention spans these days.


  3. I love the vlogbrothers! Go Nerdfighters! Scishow is a fun one too (also by Hank). Elmify and Lindsey the Nerdiest are two I watch regularly as well.

    1. I've seen some Scishow episodes but haven't heard of Elmify and Lindsey. Thanks for the recommendation :)