Tuesday, 1 July 2014


This year I'm setting myself a challenge each month by either giving something up, or taking up something new. For July I've decided on the latter.

On a side note, how the chickens is it July already?

Strictly speaking, duolingo is not brand new; I've had an account for a while. I just don't use it regularly enough for my liking, and I'm hoping that a month's worth of daily lingo-ing will force me into better habits.

For anyone who doesn't know, by the way, duolingo is a rather brilliant little website where you can learn new languages for free. When I first joined the options were French, German and Italian, but those lingo-ers have clearly been busy little bees, and there are now 12 wonderful languages from which to choose.

This is all rather fabulous, but what makes it arguably even better is the fact that you can add a bit of healthy competition by getting your friends to join and comparing your progress with theirs. At this point I should mention that my username is RebeccaTheGroves - feel free to add me, and while you're there you can check that I'm sticking to my daily practice!