Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Time for some reflectiony thoughts about the A to Z challenge! "Woo and yay and happy dances!" I hear you cry. You sarcastic bunch.

Well, let's make this as quick, painless as possible, shall we?

Tell us what you liked and didn't like
Liked: reading new blogs everyday.
Didn't like: writing new bloglets everyday - seriously we should do something about that mad schedule.  How many letters are there in the alphabet? 26. How many fortnights are there in a year? 26. 'The Blogging from A to Z Year-Long Fortnightly Challenge' is just asking to be made a reality. Would really take the pressure off.

Do you have suggestions about making future A to Z challenges better?
I liked that this year there was the option to add a category to your blog title in the linky list. I wondered if perhaps in future challenges it might be possible to group together all blogs within a category in one place. So, as well as having the linky list that shows every single blog taking part in the challenge, we could also visit a page where all travel blogs, or all gardening blogs were listed.

Would you do the A to Z again?
Yes. I'd huff and puff even more about 'q', 'x' and 'z', but I'd give it another go.

Would you like to highlight other bloggers who did a great job?
Yep. Some blogs what I liked:
From This Side of the Pond
Here I Go With All My Thoughts
The Single Dad Pad
Waiter, drink please!