Saturday, 7 June 2014

I'm Wittering Again

Knock knock.

This is where you say, "who's there?"

I'll have to assume you said or thought it because alas I can't see or hear you.

Unless I've crept into your house and am hiding behind that curtain...

I'm not behind that curtain.

Or am I?

No, I'm almost definitely not.

Because I'm actually behind ... that OTHER curtain.

No but seriously, I'm not behind the curtains, and we've got ourselves off topic. Let's start again.

Knock knock!
(Who's there?)
It's me, Grover, back from another break of several months in which I completely abandoned my blog!
(Okay, whatever. What are you doing behind the curtain?)

In a parallel universe somewhere I will actually have been behind someone's curtain as they read that, jumped out and scared the crap, and indeed the bejesus, out of them. So there's a fun thought.

Well what am I actually doing back here all of a sudden? Truth be told, I don't really know. The blogger icon just caught my eye this morning and I fancied writing a bloglet.

My only new year's resolution this year was to set myself the challenge each month of either giving something up, or doing something extra. This month I've given up all drinks except water. Thus far I have managed it, but it was a foolish idea for two reasons:
1. Water is, without a doubt, the most boring of drinks.
2. It means that I can't give up tea, coffee, alcohol etc. individually later and so I have to think of other things instead.

So maybe, MAYBE I will set myself the challenge of writing a bloglet everyday for a month.

Consider this fair warning.