Monday, 16 April 2012

N is for ... Never

Did you ever see that BBC show called 'I've Never Seen Star Wars'?

No, neither did I, but I believe the idea was to have celebrities on the show who had never done/read/tried/seen something really popular, or at least that the majority of people have done/read/tried/seen. Hence the title.

I got thinking about what I would choose if I was going on the show and discovered that there are quite a few things which I've never done (does that make me boring?)

So, I have never ...
- Seen Titanic
- Owned an iPhone
- Vomited because of excessive drinking
- Properly dyed my hair
- Got a tattoo
- Broken a bone
- Read The Hobbit (or any other Tolkien books)
- Seen Lord of the Rings
- Watched Star Trek
- Owned a Beatles album
- Had a nose bleed
- Tried smoking

How about you? 
What things have you never done which might surprise people?


  1. For the love of god, PLEASE watch Star Wars. It's so good. But I have a bunch of things I've never seen or read either...including most of Russian literature (which is bad for an English major). Awesome post and happy A-Z blogging!

    1. Thank you, and don't panic, I've seen Star Wars (I said I'd never seen Star Trek). Good luck with the rest of the challenge - I'm heading over to your blog right ... NOW!

  2. So, you stopped by my blog and confessed you had NEVER had cornbread - and I said you could come, but I fear you are too far away . . . however should we correct that?