Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I is for ... Indoors

Here in the UK we have been enjoying some unseasonably glorious weather for the past week or two. Being the UK, it couldn't last any longer than that (we Britons actually begin to go slightly mad if we are exposed to lengthy periods of sunshine), so yesterday the heavens opened and, as Her Majesty would say, it began "pissing with rain."

Not to worry though, there are plenty of things to do indoors while the weather outside is frightful. These are some of my favourites from childhood (which are still fun for big kids too!)

1. Playing sardines
For anyone unfamiliar with this brilliant game, it's basically hide and seek but only one person hides; everyone else tries to find him/her and when they do, they hide with him/her. Everyone ends up having to snuggle up together in the same hiding place, like sardines. The best thing about it, though, is that you're never too old to play it. Fact.

2. Baking
My sister is really the baker in the family but she lets me supervise. Recently we made a banana cake and filmed the process, which meant we ended up with yummy cake AND a rather hilarious video. (The final edit is around 28 minutes long though, so I'll spare you that today).

3. Building a fort
Okay, so it's been YEARS since I've done this, but my sister's been ill for about the last week and I'm starting to eye up the pillows, sleeping bags and blankets all over the place and think they would make an excellent fort if we drapped them from the back of the sofa.

4. Making something
Remember when you were a child and you just made things for the hell of it? A humble cereal box could be transformed into virtually anything! I remember feeling particularly pleased with myself when I once made a grandfather clock (out of a cereal box, naturally), which included a rubber band/scrunched up piece of foil pendulum. Genius.

5. Pretending the floor is made of lava
Pretty self-explanatory. The floor isn't carpet; it's lava. You're not allowed to step on it. Insane amounts of fun ensue.

What did you like doing when you were little?


  1. You would get along so well with us at my house. We have blue carpet. It's the ocean, and it's filled with sharks.

    1. I'm coming round to play. Get the kettle on.

  2. Definitely fort building. We built forts through college. Sometimes you would come into my house and find that there were sheets and tapestries draped over (unplugged) tall lamps and entirely tenting the sofas and armchairs. It just made studying more fun.