Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for ... Pom Poms

A little while ago (right here in fact) I mentioned that I like collecting buttons. Hopefully you remember, but if not we can wait until you catch up. Promise nothing interesting will happen while you're gone. The rest of you can talk amongst yourselves.

*twiddles thumbs*

Okay, sorted? Excellent.

Well, as you saw, things ended rather enigmatically when I said that I now make use of my button collection by attaching them to bags, cushions and other things beginning with 'p'.

Now that it's 'p' day I can reveal (although anyone with half a brain cell will probably have worked out, having read the title of this bloglet) that the other thing I use my buttons for is pom poms. Not the tinsely cheerleading ones, no sir. The ones you make out of wool.

This is a pretty good website which explains how to make a pom pom if you've never had a go yourself and are wondering what the chickens I'm talking about.

So anyway, let me introduce some of my creations. I should quickly mention, though, that I was given this book for my birthday, which has greatly influenced my designs - I can't take the credit for all of them being my idea.


First up is Moby, the biggest of the pom poms creatures, whom I made for my sister (since she clearly needed a woollen toy whale). He's pretty cool. He has a pipe cleaner spout of water spouting out his head.


This is Cyclops. Obviously. One eye, kinda scary, looks the type who would eat grown men as if they were puppies (Classics joke - The Odyssey, book 9 if you're interested).

Mr Kissy Lips

Mr Kissy Lips. I'm not sure whether I like him or not. He freaks me out a bit.


Yep it's another one with only one eye. Nope, he's not also called Cyclops. That would be silly. This is Mike, so named because I think he looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
Mike isn't actually finished yet. He needs feet.

(No Name)

Apologies the photo is blurry, I was trying to multi-task (the beak makes him overbalance so I had to hold him up and take the photo at the same time).
This little dude needs a name. Suggestions on a post card, please.


Paolo was raised on the tough streets of Detroit and has seen some things in his time ... hence the slightly mad/vaccant expression on his face.


Tyger also isn't finished yet. He needs a mouth but the one I made for him made him look like a bat, so he rejected it.


  1. Yes! I love these, paolo is perfect, and from my home town, awesome.

    1. Thank you! And, having never visited Detroit, I have little to zero idea of how tough its streets are - no offence was intended!

  2. What a cute idea! I think Tyger looks like a little fox. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

    1. Tyger definitely doesn't look quite as intimidating as I had intended!

  3. These are so cute. I though Paolo could be Pablo in honor of Picasso. Has a bit of a Picasso look to him.

    I did grow up near Detroit, so I know how tough the streets were, and probably still are. You are right on.

    Loved your tribute to your Mum, too. That was so nice.

  4. Haha! He does look rather Picasso-esque.
    Thanks for reading some of my other blog posts too :)

  5. Oh wow - another button hoarder. My collection is also snaffled from the pavements. Love these pompom critters - I've been sewing mine into a button diary, but I much prefer this idea!

    1. ps - cyclops- what a dude!

    2. Thank you! Always glad to meet a fellow button collector :)
      Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  6. Oh my goodness, those are so adorable!!!! I used to love to make pom poms when I was younger. I need to check out the website on how to do it. My son would absolutely love to make something like this.
    Nice to meet you through the A to Z Challenge.

    1. Thank you very much! They're very easy to make - they just take a while. Hope you and your son enjoy making your own little creatures.

  7. oh my gosh!! I used to make pom poms. None were as good as these though!!
    Mike is the best :)

    1. Thank you! He's a bit of a cutie, isn't he? I think it's the arms.

  8. ahhhh, so it wasn't a philly..... but one of them is missing a name?!?!!! :D

  9. plus... you know.... phillys love birds!! (well and horses)

    (if not understanding comments, theyre originated from B is for Buttons x)