Friday, 20 April 2012

R is for ... Rabbit

We have a rabbit called Jake. He's about 4 years old (we don't know for certain because we're not his first owners). Jake is a complete nutter. Today I thought I would share with you the rules of life according to him.

  1. Anything on the floor is food.
  2. Curtains are fun to hide behind. Humans especially like it when you poke your head out from underneath them.
  3. Climbing the stairs is the Ultimate Goal in life. Must be done stealthily - humans don't approve.
  4. Getting into the lounge is the second Ultimate Goal. Attempts to scratch through the door have so far been unsuccessful. 
  5. All boxes must be thoroughly investigated (e.g. climbed on, hopped through, nibbled and shoved). Caution: Box investigation will sometimes result in getting your head stuck inside one. Humans find this hilarious.
  6. Human's job is to feed, clean and pamper you. Rabbit's job is to eat, be cleaned and be pampered.
  7. Fresh air and/or Nature are bad for you. If either enters the house, take cover.
  8. Sitting under chairs (instead of running around) is viewed as a sign that you are unwell and must be taken to the V.E.T.
  9. Cleaning oneself is optional. (Note: Humans find it adorable when you wash your face. Use this to your advantage when you have tried to sneak upstairs.)
  10. Poos must be as stinky as possible. Humans love it when you sit on them and squish them into the floor of your cage.


  1. Very cute. I think your rabbit took a cue from our cat. Some of the rules are so similar. Except for the poo. Our cat buries his. LOL

    1. Pets are so helpful and considerate aren't they?

  2. In a moment of insanity we took in a chihuahua puppy. She weighs 2 pounds and has cost us $250 a pound in medical bills in three weeks. She definitely is here for us (me) to take care of. But the kids love her, so it's all good. Great post.