Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for ... Jokes

I like jokes.

Except those jokes that you don't get and you seem to be the only one not getting it, but you laugh along with everyone else because they're laughing so hard they're practically wetting themselves and clearly it's hilarious but you're just too thick to get it. Those jokes I don't enjoy so much.

Of course, being a supremely intelligent human, I don't often find myself in such situations.

I do have a favourite kind of joke, though.

For some inexplicable reason, I love cheese jokes. Can't get enough of them. And actually, since writing that sentence five seconds ago, I've decided that liking cheese jokes is the complete opposite of being inexplicable because they are bloody hilarious.

Unfortunately I have a mere five cheese jokes in my repertoire. This will not do. I'm hoping that some of you reading this will be able to expand my collection. These are the five I have already.

1. What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?
- Nacho cheese!

2. What cheese can be used to coax a bear out of a tree?
- Camembert

3. What cheese can you hide a small horse in?
- Mascarpone

4. What happened when there was an explosion at the cheese factory?
- Debris went everywhere!

5. What cheese is made backwards?
- Edam

If you have any unwanted cheese jokes in your care, please consider leaving them in the comment box below. They will be going to a very good home.


  1. I was in Wisconsin for training for work. They like cheese. And the only thing they like more than cheese is cheese jokes. Not that they aren't funny. They just aren't funny every day for three weeks.

  2. I suppose not many things are funny if they're on repeat for three weeks...

    Having said that, did you pick up any more that I can add to my list?

  3. What does cheese say when it sees itself in the mirror?

  4. i forgot to mention one that sammy likes...

    What's a Pirates favourite cheese?

    Chedd- arrrgh


    1. Brilliant! Thanks Sammy and Auntie Beck-Beck :D