Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for Sounds

You know how you grow accustomed to the sounds going on in and around your house?
And that it's only when you visit friends or family, and notice that their houses sound different, that you re-hear the noises your house makes?
Yesterday afternoon I spent some time thinking about, and listening to, all the sounds I like in my house, and how they help to make it my home. Corny, I know.

- The thud of a car door just when I'm expecting my sister, Sarah, home from work.
- The whistle of the kettle, which Mum immediately strangles because she knows I hate it.
- The scratch of the curtains being opened in the hall which means that someone else is already up.
- The click of Sarah's bathroom light being switched on or off.
- The incomprehensible murmur of the Grand Prix on the radio as Dad does DIY.
- The creak of the floorboards on the landing, just to the left of the stairs.
- The rumble of Dad's Mid-Life-Crisis car when he gets home from work.
- The whirring of Sarah's sewing machine in the dining room.
- The rattle of the airers as Mum hangs up clothes.
- The sound of Dad talking to the fish as he feeds them.
- The squeak of a key turning in the door which means that someone's home.

Question: What are your favourite sounds to hear at home?


  1. Aw, I love this. The sounds of each home are unique. I always enjoy hearing a car door shut and our front door open, meaning my roommates and friends are home.

    My favorite sounds are on Saturday mornings. You can hear Sex and the City episodes coming from one room, alternative music from another and showtunes from yet another as we all tidy up and plan for the day.

    sound of music

  2. Great post on listening. I could listen for things to add in my story. In our busy house sometimes I just like silence.

  3. I am slowly losing my hearing and have been for awhile. When I finally got hearing aids, I was amazed at the sounds I could hear again. What startled me the most was the sound of crunching autumn leaves as I wanted through the backyard. I stopped and had to think for a minute about what I was hearing.
    I guess I had been losing my hearing for a lot longer than I wanted to admit.
    Sound is precious.