Monday, 8 April 2013

G is for Goodreads

Goodreads was recommended to me by another blogger when I said back in January that one of my new year's resolutions was to read everyday.

I suspect many of you are already familiar with the website, but there may be a few who aren't, and to them I say, "Get your butt over there and sign up! Please. Maybe. I mean, if you want to."

The idea is that you tell the website what books you've read, and whether or not you've enjoyed them by rating them out of 5, and it then spews out a load of recommendations. Magic!

That's basically all I use it for at the moment; getting ideas for what to read next, but there's so much more that I could do if I wanted. There are creative writing groups, groups that discuss specific books, book reviews, quizzes, trivia, giveaways, ebooks - plenty to keep you busy for hours!

One thing that I particularly like is the control you get over how many emails you receive. I've opted for  just getting the monthly newsletter, but you can choose to receive emails pretty much daily if you like.

So yes, go get yourself signed up. And no, this bloglet, despite appearances, was not sponsored by Goodreads.

Question: Where do you like to get your book recommendations? Friends, family, online, book groups?


  1. I belong to a book group at my local library, and I've read a lot of books there that I wouldn't have normally picked up. I've not enjoyed all of them but my eyes have certainly been opened to what is out there. I also check through the Amazon 'people who have bought that have also bought this' list, which has given me some more recommendations.

  2. I really adore Goodreads. It's where I get most of my book recommendations. Whoever created that site is a genius!

  3. Thank you! I'd heard of it but wasn't really familiar with the point of it. And I really never considered going to it to find what to read next. :) But I DO recommend that you join a writers' group - for the writing fellowship if for no other reason.

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  4. I love good reads. I use it for book recommendations as well as Barnes and nobles best seller pages and blogs for indie reads.Simply Sarah

  5. Cool ive never heard of that before- but ill have a ganders x

  6. My work lot have just started a book group and my first book is called 'Afterwards' I am very excited! I definitely read more on my kindle now than I did before but I like this! Thanks for sharing Grover-Mauve! My G was about you....ish! x

  7. I haven't really used it for recommendations yet, as I'm ploughing through a load of books on my Kindle that are from blogger buddies. But I'd like to explore more of its features. I like the fact there can be conversations on reviews.

  8. I found Goodreads a couple years ago and I still love it just as much as when I first started using it. It does motivate me. I love the goal for the year tracker!

    Visiting via A-Z.

  9. I'm signed up on Goodreads and even finally set up an author page, but haven't had the time to get back in there and explore all the fun stuff available to both writers and readers. I really need to do that.