Thursday, 4 April 2013

D is for Did You Know?

I've tried to check that these are correct, but my apologies if there are mistakes.

Did you know ...

... that 'dreamt' is the only English word to end with 'mt'?
Knowing this once earned me much respect from my team mates in a pub quiz. Don't think we won though. We only managed that once in three years of university.

... that 'stewardesses' is the longest word you can type on a keyboard with only your left hand?
You're trying it out now, aren't you?

... that the small pocket in the larger pocket of your jeans was designed for pocket watches?
Speaking of watches, if anyone wants to buy me this one I would be eternally grateful. It's worth a shot, right?

... that there are 31,557,600 seconds in a year?
Is it just me, or does that not sound like enough? (It is; I checked.)

... that Stephen Hawking held a party for time travellers but no one turned up?
Read more here.

... that the average person falls asleep in 8 minutes?
Unfortunately for my parents, I knew this one. I once used it as an excuse for getting up early on Christmas Day: "But I did try to go back to sleep! On average it takes 8 minutes to fall asleep, so I waited 8 minutes and was still awake, so I got up. Can we open presents now?"

Question: Do you have a favourite 'did you know' fact you'd like to share with the class?


  1. Did you know that your foot is the same length as the distance between your inner elbow and your wrist. If you're flexible you can test it out :D

    1. I think I did know that one - only because I've tried it myself and it's pretty much true for me :)

  2. Did you know m & m's were originally designed to allow for easy transport of chocolate to the military? I didn't but I'm grateful : )

    I'm enjoying your clever A-Z's!

    1. I didn't know that, and I agree - whoever thought of m&ms was a genius!

  3. Love this post! I'm now obsessed with your blog :)

  4. Did you know this is such a fun and interesting post? Very cool!

  5. those were fun!
    and i like the word clanger!

    make sure you visit viklit, she's a cool, young brit chick too =)

    happy d day!

  6. I love this post. Did you know that the lion that roars in the MGM logo was born in Dublin Zoo?

    1. No I didn't! Thanks for informing me. I love all the little nuggets of information I'm gathering today!

  7. Interesting! I didn't know any of these except the one about the pocket watch. I used to own a pocket watch because I thought they were so cool, but it wasn't an expensive one.
    Thanks for sharing all these interesting facts!

  8. Very interesting facts here. I'll be looking up the time traveler thing. lol

  9. I love funny, miscellaneous facts so I think this post was great. In the spirit of your About Me . . I am Elizabeth M., a 50-something U.S.A. person, and one of the very coolest of wives and mothers (really, my kids will vouch for me).

  10. Do you get the Big Bang Theory over in England? (I'm a Brit too, BTW, except now Canadian as well)

    Part of Sheldon Cooper's roommate agreement included a clause that if either of them invented time travel they would return to that point to let their earlier selves know.

    *Pause, and look around the room for a few seconds* "Well, that was disappointing."

  11. Awesome!

    Can't wait to hear about more random facts!

  12. Brilliant!

    Did you know that (to my knowledge AKA a completely unsubstantiated claim) Tmesis is the only word in the English language to begin with the letters TM?

    I won't explain what tmesis means as it's a Greek word and therefore you can work it out ;)