Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for Never

I'm going to come out and say it right away. I used this as my 'N' topic for the A to Z last year.

"CHEAT! CHEAT!" I hear you cry.

Well yes, maybe. But it was, and is, a good topic. Plus it's one that I think everyone can comment on (if they wish to!) Seeing as I'm recycling a topic, I may as well recycle my introduction from last year (can you tell I'm feeling lazy today?)

*Flashback to last April*

Did you ever see the BBC show called 'I've Never Seen Star Wars'?

No, neither did I, but I believe the idea was to have celebrities on the show who had never done/read/tried/seen something really popular, or at least that the majority of people have done/read/tried/seen. Hence the title.

Last year I listed 12 things I had never done, but since then I realised that there are plenty more things I could add to that list. So here we go.

I have never ...
- Seen Bambi
- Eaten at Nando's
- Read any of the Twilight books (or watched any of the films)
- Operated a left-hand drive car
- Seen Avatar
- Eaten rhubarb
- Done karaoke (unless Singstar in the comfort of my own home counts)
- Got a speeding/parking ticket
- Been stung by a wasp/bee
- Had a Big Mac

Right, your turn!
Question: What things haven't you done that would shock us all?


  1. okay, you have to eat a big mac. just for fun. haha.

    I've never been stung by anything either! I've alsy never been to disneyworld which most people find odd.

  2. Try that rhubarb.;)

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  3. Showing some love from the A to Z Challenge.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of recycling :P

    I've never :
    - watched or read Twilight
    - watched a full episode of Star Trek
    - been scuba diving (really want to do this!)
    - had a threesome

    And you're right, one can always keep adding to the list and make it a bucket list of things that they want to get done :)

  4. I've never been to Las Vegas or Seattle or LA.