Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H is for Hundred

This (I think) is my hundredth bloglet.

Because I'm a sucker for celebrating pointless milestones, I couldn't let the happy coincidence that my hundredth bloglet occurs on the 'H' day slip by unnoticed.

It's taken me a while to get to 100 (no one would describe my blogging style as 'regular') and of my 99 previous bloglets, there are probably only a handful that I really like. I'm not fishing for compliments here. If you've read and enjoyed by blog for a while - thank you. I'm grateful for your support. But I don't often read my earlier bloglets because I cringe. I think that I was trying too hard to be funny, or clever, or a combination of the two.

But I'm proud that I've got to 100, and I quite like the fact that I don't like my early bloglets. I think it's a good thing. Hopefully it means that I've improved since I started a few years ago, and that I can continue to do so. Who knows, maybe the next hundred bloglets will even take less than 3 years!

Question: Do you ever go back and read your early posts? What do you think of them?


  1. Congrats on 100 posts!! Yay! :)

  2. Congratulations on getting to 100.

    I do go back and read some of my earlier posts, especially the one I wrote about the TV show Medium which continues to get many hits years after the original post. I've decided if you write about a popular subject like that one turned out to be, it shows up on Google.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  3. I do go back sometimes and read older posts. Some of them stink. Some are good. The post today on my blog is actually a reposting from 2011. :) Happy milestone day to you! :)

  4. Nice one getting to your 100! :D

    I would go back and check old posts, but I'm saving that for my future, when I properly forget, you know what I mean? I hope to blog for the rest of my life, to have someone's whole life online for others to see what it was like in the early 21st century. Rather than looking back now, and seeing how immature I was, I'd rather look back when I'm 50, to remember things I might've forgotten! :D

  5. Congratulations on the 100th post and how fortuitous that it fell on H day! I think celebrating milestones is a great way to live one’s life. I found you because you left a comment on the B day that featured my book on the A-Z challenge. I am afraid that my H post is my least fave so far…but if you like HATS do swing by @ http://thebridgeofdeaths.tumblr.com/

  6. Congrats! I love celebrating milestons also. And yes, I do look back on my old enteies- quite often actually!


  7. Congrats on your 100th blog. Must admit I don't tend to go back to look at mine.

  8. Well done; now for the next 100! Nice to meet you too, Becky.
    Belinda [A - Z participant; today I'm talking about Humor and tomorrow Irony; stop by some time, plse.]

  9. Congratulations. One great thing about the A to Z post is that it helps develop the blogging habit. Writing to a prompt is helpful too. And aim for short posts. The next thing you know you'll have 1,000 posts to your credit instead of 100.