Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for Procrastination

Whether you're trying to avoid starting that important essay, doing the ironing, or just deciding on a 'Q' topic for the blog challenge you foolishly signed up to for the second year in a row, everyone procrastinates.

If, you're some kind of strange, super-human who never puts things off, you may want to leave now; this bloglet will only distress you.

What I'm interested in today, is how people procrastinate. Here are three of my personal favourites.

1. YouTube/Facebook/twitter
And any other black holes of the internet that just suck away hours of your life.

2. Emails.
I've been meaning to read through those 600+ emails about Facebook notifications, online purchases and links to funny cat videos. Yes, now would absolutely be the perfect time.

3. Tidying.
I could probably get a lot more done if I tidied my desk a bit. I'll just clear some space. Actually it's pretty dusty. And that shelf's a bit of a mess, how will I ever get anything done if I can see such a messy shelf? You know, while I'm tidying, the carpet could do with a hoover ...

Question: What do you do when procrastinating?


  1. I check all forms of social media, maybe write a blog, catching up on e-mails and deleting them..basically anything but the task I need to do!

  2. I get on my iPad and play games. Then the person I'm playing against plays back, so I play again. Then I check Facebook for the millionth time. It's never ending. The iPad just makes procrastinating TOO easy!

  3. That's an unusual word for P. I try to finish everything before my mind starts procrastinating, because once it does I can never get myself to finish a task. Don't give your mind a chance to think too much about something, just get the work done.

  4. Think we all do a bit of it. For's getting dressed. I feel so much more relaxed in lounge wear, even if I'm busy cleaning, working on the net whatever. I wait til the bitter end, then hop in the shower an dress.

  5. I'm a terrible procrastinator! For me it's blogs though, always got to be catching up on the posts I've missed! That or starting some completely irrelevant new all-important project, instead of finishing the one I just started yesterday.

    Luckily, I am slowly getting better... over time.

  6. I do anything, absolutely anything. Sometimes I just sit and do nothing!