Monday, 15 April 2013

M is for Me

Hey, 'M' was for Mum last year, so it's totally fine to be completely self-centred this time round.

(If you'd rather read the mum bloglet, it's here)

For the rest of you Mum-Haters, let's crack on with the Me bloglet.
5 remarkably un-lifechanging things you may or may not like to know about me.

1. I like to ignore my toast.
When we used to stay at my grandparents' house, Grandpa would always make breakfast in bed for everyone. First for Grandma, then for my parents, and then for my sister and me. Because we were last, Sarah's and my toast was always cold, and I loved it. So now I like to leave my toast for several minutes to cool down before eating it.

2. I have a YouTube channel.
Yes, this is absolutely just a shameless way of telling more people about it. Here's the link. You can follow or ignore it. Moving on.

3. I studied Classics at university.
I don't really use my knowledge of Greek anymore (I do teach Latin though), but I still get a little rush of excitement at being able to work out a word's meaning because of its Greek (or Latin) origin.

4. I watch Adventure Time.
Yes, I'm a grown woman but in my defence I don't remember children's cartoons being anywhere near as funny when I was growing up.

5. I will never own an iPhone.
I can't really explain this one. I don't hate iPhones, I don't hate apple, I would just rather own a phone that not everyone else has, or knows how to operate.

Question: Is there anything about you that you'd like to share? The weirder the better!


  1. I've studied Greek, too (but not Latin)!! Quite a bit, actually. I've also studied Spanish, and began teaching myself Chinese but got sidetracked. I love language :).

    Weird fact: In a high school English class I played one of the witches in a one-scene enactment from MacBeth and decided to "dye" my long hair grey using baby powder. ...Bad idea. ;)

  2. LOL - I used to think I would never own an iPhone, but now I love it.

    Visiting from AtoZ

  3. I'm with you on the iphone thing! I have a windows phone and and I love it.

  4. 'The weirder the bette' ehhhh? You should meet my sister then, she's a proper oddball.

  5. I'm a toast ignorer also, but I just completely ignore it. I always feel bad when I go out for breakfast and I forget to tell the people not to put it on the plate.

    Funny that you mention Classics. Those were always some of my favorite classes from when I was in college. I was just wondering the other day what the best book would be if I wanted to start reading about Greek mythology again.

    As for me, I absolutely cannot sleep if my closet door is open. I wouldn't say it scares me but it weirds me out. I also cannot eat any foods that are in white-colored sauces. And I have to make sure all of my clothes are hanging in the closet facing the same direction.

  6. I won't own an iphone either, though I agree, it's hard to explain. Thanks for dropping by my blog- come back soon!