Saturday, 16 November 2013

X Factor 2013 (16th November)

Tonight's theme is the Great British Songbook. I'm not sure 'British' is really a genre but hey ho, on with the show.

Dermot marches out to the wonderfully bizarre (and oh-so British!?) What Does the Fox Say? but alas, is not wearing a fox mask. That would have made for a perfect entrance.

Hannah Barrett. Can't Get No Satisfaction.
Hannah was in the bottom two last week. What the ACTUAL crap? How did Callahan avoid it again?
Seriously this kid must have earned herself a record deal by now. Someone MUST sign her up after the show, regardless of where/when she finishes.
Louis (who is wearing the WORST jacket I have ever seen) compares Hannah to Tina Turner and pleads with the audience to vote for her to keep her out of the bottom two. Sharon loves the song choice and the fact that Hannah had fun. Gary describes it as another great performance. Nicole says she's going to spend all her money voting for Hannah.

Luke Friend. Your Song.
Louis, sitting with his full category, tells his full category that he's the only judge with a full category left. He's hoping for all three of his boys to be in the final. Never gonna happen. This week Luke was invited to meet Seal. Seal doesn't say much so we'll move on.
I've told you before, Friend, I do not care to look at your face on the huge screens behind you. Stop it. It's pretty good vocally though.
Sharon thinks the song was huge and that if Keith Richards could sing, he'd sound like Luke. Someone from the audience heckles her and she spins round to say, "Don't you dare swear at me, young man." and later tells 'that dirty man' to 'go home'. Gary praises Luke for doing his own version. Nicole then comes out with the insightful gem, "Your voice ... reminds me of your hair" (because it's organic, real, has grown through the competition and has just enough grit and dirt to make her like it). Obviously. Loius then talks a bit but he can't top Scherzinger's comment.

Sam Bailey. Will My Love Grow?
Sam had an amazing week meeting Michael Bolton and Celine Dion, but pops home for 'jam tart Wednesday'. I've probably said it before but I friggin love this woman.
Again, someone HAS to sign her up if she doesn't win this. It makes for a rather dull bloglet, but there's nothing to criticise, dammit!
Gary's shaking his head. He describes it as another incredible performance and assures us that Sam will sell records. Nicole calls it an epic performance (bit of a pet peeve of mine, calling stuff 'epic'). Loius tells Sam she's a world class vocalist. Sharon wants us to vote for her.

Rough Copy. Viva La Vida
This week RC got the opportunity to perform with Gary. Blimey - actual singing practise? Whoa.
I like these three. Let's face it, I like most of them apart from Callahan. They sound really good together, even when they're bouncing round the stage.
Nicole says they never disappoint but that tonight's performance was a bit 'vanilla' and she wanted some 'chocolate'. Louis loves their style and swagger. Sharon calls him ridiculous and says that RC's version was great (I didn't think it wasn't different to the original at all). Gary loves them.

Brace yourselves everyone, Callahan's up next.

Sam Callahan. Faith.
Sam has watched the show back and thinks he's taken more of a battering than anyone else. Sam doesn't really understand why Gary doesn't like him. I'm pretty sure he's told you it's because you're not as good as everyone else, sonny.
Sam makes me nervous. He has a shaky start, where he doesn't quite get the rhythm right and then he looks absolutely petrified, and I can't relax. The vocals are alright. Just alright though.
Sharon praises Sam's bravery for doing things his way, but says that his face looked defeated and scared stiff. Gary didn't love the performance but then goes on what can only be described as a 'positivity rant'. Nicole calls him a fighter. Louis claims that Sam gives him 150% every week.

Tamera Foster. Diamonds Are Forever.
Tamera loved big band week but Sharon told her she needs to add more passion. She was apparently planning to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. I would have loved to see how she interpreted that!
The lower notes at the beginning kind of disappear and then - disaster! - she forgets the lyrics. She recovers well though and finishes strongly.
Louis thinks it was an unusual song choice. Sharon thinks it was bitter sweet because it was her best performance but she forgot the lyrics and didn't know how to hide that fact. Gary's waiting for Tamera to steal the show. Nicole thinks she handled forgetting the lyrics pretty well.

Nicholas McDonald. Someone Like You.
Nicholas is rather enjoying the female attention that him being on the show has produced.
Excellent song choice. He sings it beautifully. A little less of the face acting would be nice, but it's a beautiful performance.
Sharon says that every week Nicholas delivers. Gary wants Nicholas to turn up the individuality knob up a bit. Nicole wants Nicholas to sing to her everyday. Louis says it was the vocal performance of the night.

My prediction for the bottom two: Tamera and Sam C.

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