Monday, 7 May 2012


"This is your time to tell us about your A to Z experience. 
Share your pleasures, your pains, your setbacks, your gains."

Those nice people over at the A to Z challenge would like us to write about our experience. I've been kind of lazy and have just picked out a few of the questions posed on the A to Z reflections page. Let's get reflecting!

Who did you meet along the way that you found to be especially helpful or inspiring?
Maryann and Shiela were helpful (and patient) in answering questions I had about their blogs.
Jessica and Lucy often taught me something new.
Sarah was, and continues to be, inspiringly nutty.

Did you have a favourite blog post*?
Kind of putting me on the spot there. No, it's too hard to choose. I can't pick one ... you can't make me! *sulk*

Or a favourite series?
Sweet Tea Reads, which I think I only discovered towards the end of the challenge but I like Danielle's style of writing and will definitely be going back to read more in the future.

Which blogs did you discover during April that you will be returning to in the future?
Lots. I will be quite happy to go back to any and all of the blogs I've started following. Go ahead and click on my profile (or here) to see a full list. (Quick side note: if you're following me and I haven't yet reciprocated it's because either I've been lazy, or I've been thick and am unable to find the 'follow' button on your blog.)

Would you do the challenge again? Why?
This was the first time I've attempted the challenge so I didn't really know what to expect when I started. What I discovered was a fantastic sense of camaraderie among those taking part and some brilliant blogs which I will definitely be visiting regularly from now on.
From a purely selfish point of view, the challenge was also responsible for my blog views going through the roof (they're still nothing to shout about, but I was amazed at the increase), and (miracle of miracles) people actually started commenting on my blog!

So, would I do the challenge again? Do you even have to ask? 

* When are we going to adopt the term 'bloglet' officially? It's way better than 'post'.


  1. Great responses to the Q& A, Grover. This challenge was indeed that, but the connections I made were priceless. :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge and sharing your reflections. I'm following you now and hopefully, next year, we will do it again!

  3. Thanks for the mention! That was a nice surprise in reading your post. I think the term bloglet is pretty cute. I have no idea why, but it makes me think of baby animals. At least it's a good associaton.

  4. Isn't great how the Challenge brought viewers to our sites?! Mine wasn't super high, but it was significantly more than I normally have to my blog - super cool!

    Congrats on finishing!

  5. This was my second year doing it, so you'd think I would've thought ahead a little bit and written out at least some of my "blogets" but what's the fun in that?

  6. By the way, I love the term bloglet.

  7. Congrats on finishing, maybe next year we will all be doing bloglets. I have no problem with that.