Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It feels weird

It definitely feels weird.

Not having to post a bloglet today is an odd feeling after four weeks of trying, sometimes desperately, (I'm talking to you, end of the alphabet letters) to think of a topic for the next day. I'm not really sure what it is I will continue blogging about now. I'm also a little worried that people won't come and read my little inane ramblings now that they don't really have to.

You see, my main concern is that, without the excitement of the A to Z challenge, people will begin to realise my secret: I'm not all that interesting. (I wrote it small so that if you haven't already realised it, I'm not just blurting it out).

I will, however, endeavour to hide this little secret of mine for as long as possible and will be back on 7th May with my reflections bloglet.

In the mean time, if you're feeling a little sad that all the A to Z stuff is over, then do not despair! My friend, Hannah, who didn't quite sign up in time, is now working her way backwards through the alphabet all by herself. It would be awesome if you could go and cheer her on - she's on X today so would probably appreciate the encouragement. Nasty little letter, x ... *grumble* ....*mumble* ...


  1. Thanks for the introduction to Hannah. Love her plan to do the challenge backwards. What fun. I hope you do find things to write about. It was nice to meet you during the challenge and I will visit again.

  2. It does feel really weird! I will be back for more inane ramblings, so I hope you keep posting. I'm still working on a blogging schedule too.

  3. Ah well done everyone! I really like the whole A-Z things and THANKS for the mention Groves...not to harass people but today is X for X-factor...much love xxx

  4. You're right, it does feel weird now that it's over. On the one hand, it's nice not to have to post. On the other hand, I liked having the structure that got me posting nearly every day.

  5. But, look, you blogged anyway! Yay you!

    (We'll keep your 'interesting' secret... I bet no one will even know!)

    In Which We Start Anew

  6. I always planned on coming back. Don't write me off yet..