Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bloglet Number Six. Unless I've miscounted, in which case it's not.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night,

Goshies, 15 days since my last bloglet. How have you coped? The answer, I suspect, is that you have not been able to cope and have, in fact, gone slightly mad due to a lack of blogletty fun. You will have undoubtedly had to find other ways to amuse yourselves while you were not being entertained by my hilarious bloglets. Such activities probably included creating a mosaic using coco pops and rice krispies, alphabetising the contents of your fridge and counting the remaining staples in your stapler (all worthwhile activities).

Well, my friends, the time has come for you to put down the breakfast cereals, close the fridge door and cease the staple-counting, for today is the day you have all been waiting for. Today, comrades, you receive the gift, and indeed honour, of reading Bloglet Number Six. You're welcome. (No need for you to send thank you cards, a few words expressing your continued awe of my amazing writing skills will be sufficient).

In a previous bloglet I commented on my plans to do much more cooking this year. The first dish on the agenda was Thai fish cakes. (Link is below if you're interested in trying them out).

The end product was actually rather good (I'm afraid you will have to take my word for it because I forgot to take pictures). Slight stressings along the way included: the fact that my fishy mixture seemed too liquidy and was therefore rather reluctant to be moulded into a fish cake shape; the tendancy for the fish cakes to fall apart as I turned them over in the pan and constantly having cold, fishy, fish cake mixture over my hands.

However, as previously mentioned, the final product was very pleasing, especially as I served mine with chips and peas (not a cucumber salad as suggested).

I also managed not to poison anyone. This is always a good thing.

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