Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Am I Crazy?

I talk to myself.

Well, I say 'talk' but to be honest it's more of an under-the-breath mutter. Usually something like, "where's my hairbrush?" or, "did I finish that cup of tea?"

I think this is a fairly normal thing to do (I might be wrong - leave a comment and let me know). I've always thought that, by saying something out loud, it's like I'm directly asking my brain to wake up, get into gear and supply me with an answer. (It usually replies with something helpful like, "wherever you left it" or, "yes of course you did, now go and make another one")

My brain talks in purple italics.

But recently I've become aware of the slightly more worrying fact that I can quite happily have entire conversations with myself. This, I think, is a fairly un-normal thing to do.

Maybe it's not. Maybe it's completely normal to chat to yourself while you plan lessons. Maybe this is something an entirely sane person does:
"So, last week we looked at noun/adjective agreement and most of them were pretty happy with it."
"But there were four of them away, so we need to make sure they're not left behind."
"Ok, so if we do a recap maybe some of the children who were in the last lesson can help to explain it to those who weren't."
"And then they'll be consolidating what they learnt last week too ..."

So, I ask you - am I alone in doing this? Am I crazy?


  1. Not that I'm exactly a pillar of sanity, but I think it's pretty normal. I don't actually speak out loud to myself, but I have a lot of discussions with myself inside my head. And there's definitely a lot of under my breath muttering that goes on while I'm at work.

    1. Phew - if I can rein in the speaking out loud I might not be a lost cause. Thanks for the reassurance ;)