Wednesday, 21 March 2012

7 Simple Pleasures

Last week's bloglet (pet peeves) left a bit of a complainy taste in the mouth, so in order to cleanse the metaphorical palate, I've been thinking about all the simple things in life which put a smile on my face and have compiled them into a neat, little list. If you hadn't already noticed, I heart lists.

1. A consecutive clock
What the chickens are you on about, Groves? I hear you cry.
It's that magical moment when you happen to glance at a digital clock or watch and find one of the following:
For some reason 12.34 is the best of the three. Probably because it also offers the opportunity of seeing the time read 12.34.56. Of course, it could be argued that 01.23 is just as good since it also gives us 01.23.45 but I'm not waiting up until almost 1.30am just to see it. No sir.

By the by, repeated numbers (e.g. 08.08 or 19.19) are not as interesting. Mirrored numbers (e.g. 12.21 or 23.32) are pretty good.

2. New socks
If I were wealthy enough (and it wasn't so horribly wasteful), I would wear new socks every single day. I might even wear Christmas socks every day for a whole year. Madness.

3. Empty car parks
I'm not sure what it is about an empty car park that fills me with such joy. It's either the feeling that it's mine because there's no one else around that I have to share it with, or it's the fact that I can drive around like a lunatic and go OVER THE LINES.
It's one of the two.

4. Book smell
I got a Kindle for Christmas and, although it's brilliant and fun and convenient and beautiful, it doesn't have that yummy book smell that actual books have. It would be ace if there was a gadget which could be discreetly attached to my Kindle to give it the book smell. That would pretty much make my life. If any of you are technically-minded please drop everything and start working on it. Much appreciated.

5. Hugs
Oh good, finally a simple pleasure which involves other humans.
Yes, okay, I do seem to come off as a strange, hermit-like creature who sits at home clinging onto handfuls of new socks and books. But when I'm not running with reckless abandon through meadows with my new socks on (which I obviously wouldn't do: they'd get mucky), I do enjoy a good hug. Having said that, it has to be a hug with someone I know and like. The free hugs thing isn't really my cup of tea: that's just unwanted physical contact.

6. Etymological discoveries
I think I may have mentioned my love of Classics and etymology once or twice in this blog (once, twice) so I won't go on about it for long here, but just say that discovering the etymology of a word which I didn't already know makes me a very happy, flappy, clappy chappy. It fills me with such happiness that I normally HAVE to tell someone of my discovery, whether they want to hear about it or not. What am I saying? Everyone likes to hear about etymology.

7. Getting replies
I'm very into twitter at the moment and get genuinely a little bit excited whenever I have a new @mention (that makes it sound like I get them all the time: I don't. Sob). It doesn't have to be a profound or life-changing message; it's just the fact that someone has chosen to reply to something I've said that makes me smile. Similarly, it's nice when you comment on these little bloglets of mine (hint, hint). I can track how many times a bloglet has been read, or where people are reading from (quite a few from Malaysia this week, which was unexpected but nice), but I have absolutely no idea what you think of my inane little musings ...

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